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Jessica Jaster lives in Iowa with her husband and her (currently) one year old and two year old. She has always had an over-active imagination and has been making stories up in her head for herself for as long as she can remember and finally decided to start writing them down (when she is not busy chasing the two little ones around anyway) and sharing them with anyone interested. Most ideas she has so far for her novels are for young adults, some fantasy, some science fiction and some normal contemporary story-lines.

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I talked Jessica into answering a few of my questions that her fans may be happy to learn so let's get on with it:
1. Where do you get book ideas?
Usually other books and movies/television shows.  I will be sitting there, innocently reading or watching something and BAM!  I will suddenly find myself thinking – What if this happened instead of that?  What if this person was like this, instead of that?  Or some small, random detail from the book, movie, or television show will get itself stuck in my head and then will start morphing itself into something completely different.  Either way, I am sitting there, thinking these things and I’ll be like, “Oh crud.”  Because now that the idea is there, it must be put down on paper or my brain gremlins will tear it to shreds and it will tragically be lost forever.  (Trust me, they have done this on numerous occasions.) 
2. Who designed the cover of your book?
I did, actually.
3. What is your favorite hobby besides writing?
Drawing.  Though my art has kind of been put on the backburner right now.  It is hard to do something that takes a steady hand and precision when you have a two and a one year old hanging on you pretty much 24/7.  More time for writing, right?
4.What is your # 1 pet peeve?
Okay, this is probably because someone insists on doing this all the time to me.  When I am in the middle of something, usually writing, working on a storyline or something, and someone interrupts my thought process to try to start a conversation.  And I do realize that usually I’m just sitting there, staring off into space, probably with a blank look on my face.  But there are some major thought processes going on up there and once that thought bubble of mine is popped (POOF) it’s really hard to get back.  And if I do get it back, I usually have to start all over.
5. What are your two favorite movies?
V for Vendetta and The Hangover
6.Where is one place in the world you would really love to visit and why?
There are lots of places I would like to visit, but the one place I have always really wanted to go is Australia.  I’ve always been interested in its history and wildlife.  Not to mention (and I am a very happily married woman) the Australian accent.  Can we say H-O-T-T (yes, with two T’s!)?
7. What is your favorite restaurant?
Um, I don’t get out very often, but I’d say Old Chicago (because they have that game you can play on the TV, BuzzTime, I think it’s called) or Chinese (No specific place for that).
8.What is your favorite song right now?
What If – Emilie Autumn
9.If your book was made into a movie who would play the lead roles?
Annasophia Robb for D005/Weston.  Tyler Hoechlin for Cormac.  Emily Browning for Brianna.  Josh Hutcherson for Reed.
10. What is one tip you would give to new authors?
Write.  Just write.  Every day if you can.  Don’t worry about what other people will think of what you are writing.  Don’t worry about mistakes.  Don’t even worry about it making complete sense at first.  Just write it. The more you write, the more pieces will start to fall into place and it will all come together.

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Thank you so much Jessica for answering all of my crazy questions.  I enjoyed having you on my site .
I wish you all love and laughter,


1/6/2013 09:38:01 pm

Thank you so much for posting this Jenna!!

1/7/2013 12:05:13 am

Thanks for letting me interview you. I enjoyed it. I wish you tons of success.
Love and Laughter,

1/7/2013 07:41:12 am

Looking forward to reading your book. I have heard good things. Best of luck with your success.

12/31/2020 12:49:39 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing.


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